June 2015 - Joint Base San Antonio CERT, LTC Darrell Small, US Army

May 2015 - Incident Handling During a Cyber Disaster: Effective Response to Attacks and Breaches, Christopher James Hendricks, CISSP, Delta-Risk LLC

April 2015
- Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Community Right-To-Know Act Presentation includes a demonstration of the CAMEO/MARPLOT/ALOHA Software (Steven O’Neal)

March 2015
- Gregg Eckhardt from San Antonio Water System discussed aspects of SAWS contingency planning related to water supply and water/wastewater system as they provide critical municipal services to over 1.7 million people in Bexar county.

February 2015
- 2015 ACP Chapter Goals & Strategies Review.

January 2015
- “All Hazards Emergency Preparedness” presented by Mr. Scott Simmons, Strategic National Stockpile Coordinator for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Public Health Emergency Preparedness.


January 2014 - How to Plan for Work Place Emergencies and Evacuations; “The Process” & “Active Shooter at the Workplace.Richard Laraway - Active Shooter Preparedness & Hostage Exploitation Specialists.

February 2014 - 2014 ACP Chapter Goals & Strategies Review.  Tracy Cowan - President Alamo ACP.

March 6, 2014 - How to develop an Integrated Life Safety Exercise - how does your business continuation plan integrate with the SA OEM? Terry Donovan: Sr Business Continuation Advisor, USAA

April 3, 2014 -  Impacts of Cyber Attack on Business Continuity: “Cyber Security Planning.”  Natalie Sjelin, Cyber Security Training Coordinator at Texas A&M U, San Antonio, TX

May 1, 2014 - Lessons Learned from Exercises / Drills or actual events. Steven O'Neal, Disaster Solutions Architect, Rentsys Recovery Services, College Station, TX

June 5th, 2014 - Contingency Planning and Food Safety – More in Common than You Might Think. Homer Emery: Public Health Food Safety Consultant

July 17th, 2014 -  Alamo Chapter ACP Summer Social (MEMBERS ONLY), Silo's

August 8th, 2014 -  Field trip to Rentsys and Disaster City. Rentsys and TEEX Staff

September 4, 2014 -  EPA’s Risk Management Program;  Floramie Welch, Environmental Analyst, SAWS

October 2, 2014 -   DRI - 2015 DRI Conference Overview and The intersection of Business Continuity and Risk Management ; Randy F. Jouben, Director, Risk Management at Five Guys Enterprises, LLC, and Chairman of DRI International’s Professional Development Committee.

November 6, 2014 -   Integrating Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Incident Management; Tracy Cowan, Contingency
Planning Specialist and President, Alamo Chapter.

December 2014 - Holiday Social


January 2013 - on location at Tesoro
2013 Alamo Chapter Goals

February 2013 - on location at USAA

March 2013 - on location at Security Service Federal Credit Union

April 2013 - Choosing the Right ENS for You: A step-by-step methodology - Gerard Ibarra, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO Newton Insight™
Ibarra April Presentation

May 2013 - City of San Antonio All-Hazards 5 Year Strategic Plan Update - Director San Antonio Office of Emergency Management (SAOEM)

June 2013 - Stormpulse - "How do you show the C-Suite how weather effects business operations?"

August 2013 - Delta Risk - “Addressing Cyber Scenarios in BC/DR Activities: Perspectives on Trends and Lessons from Industry.” - Chris Fogle
Fogle Presentation

September 2013 -  Disaster Response and Recovery: "Lessons Learned from Recent Disasters" - Mr. Jon Bodie, Senior Program Director – Operations, Response & Recovery BCFS Emergency Management Division

October 2013 - NASAR Search&Rescue -  Emergency/Disaster Preparedness for Critical Incidents: “The Threats to our Communities and Workplace”  - Mr. Lee Wingert, SPHR, CERT Master Instructor


December 2012 - none (Holiday Social)

November 2012 - Presentation from Whataburger - "Who is paying for this?"

October 2012 - Panel Discussion - Tracy Cowan, Michelle Vickers, and Debra Engler

September 2012 - "Integration of Disaster Preparedness for Geriatrics"  - Kim McAlister, Disaster Response Coordinator, UTHSCSA

August 2012 - "Keeping the Vulnerable Safe" - Esmerelda Valague, Regional Emergency Preparedness Manager, Christus Santa Rosa

July 2012 - Membership Social - The Yardhouse at La Cantera!

June 2012:  "Tools in the Toolbox"  - Steven O'Neal, Rentsys Recovery

May 2012:   "How the American Red Cross Responds to Disasters"  - Mike Bennett, Red Cross

April 2012: "Auditing BC and DR Recovery Programs and Plans" - Tommye White and Chuck Walts

March 2012:  "Current Drought Assessment and 2012 Climate Outlook" - Jon Zeitler, NOAA

February 2012:  Members Only Meeting - "2012 NLC and 2012 ACP Goals" - Mike Gifford Chairman & CEO ACP International

January 2012:  "Introduction to Emergency Management " - Scot Campbell, SAOEM


Child Safety Online: What are our children doing online and are they safe?  Ann Hines' presentation presents ways we can keep our family safe online.

Financial Safety Online: Mike Fleck's presentation offers ideas and tips to consider  for your personal and financial information when on the Internet or just on your home PC.

Secured Remote Access: Frank Abt addresses the popularity of telecommuting and how the proliferation of mobile devices, remote access into the workplace has become a common event. While remote access provides convenience to end users, remote access also presents a number of security risks that must be addressed by the IT staff.

On Friday, May 20, The White House released the Presidential Proclamation for National Hurricane Preparedness Week from May 22 – May 28: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/05/20/presidential-proclamation-national-hurricane-preparedness-week